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Shocked to say the least.

That really threw me when I saw the commercials (speaking of which, I now have my fav ep, "Steam Cars", recorded on my computer so I can watch whenever I want and not wear out a tape). It was bad enough when we had to see Robert limited to just the UK seasons and we had George "LoudMouth Bass" Gray... I'm guessing that this has probably been planned for a while since I imagine that with the US season firmly in place out in California, it just isn't feasible to the network to have Cathy rocketing back and forth between US and UK.

I like the introduction of new challenges but it'd be nice to see some twists on old challenges, or the return of the REALLY old challenges such as the walking machine :D Can't wait for the Paintball Tanks. Collapsible Cars... well, it's already been done, though it'll be nice to see it done on a show that could care less just how glamorous the cars look. (Panic Mechanics = Too concerned with flashy vehicle appearances) Railroad Racer should be interesting (I'm reminded of the DeLorean from BTTF3) and... well, I'm not sure about the Ice Warriors challenge. A puck shooting machine? Should be interesting :D It's always the 'little object' challenges that seem fun since you're no longer just grabbing old cars and steel beams off the scrapheap but having to rummage for the smaller stuff, the components of other things.

Darnit, I want to see the return of the N.E.R.D.S. though.... I mean, c'mon, the steam car challenge, nobody harped on the "Evils of chain drive" as they have in the latest seasons because the team was doing so great that there was no possible way the chain drive would fail. :D
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