Nifty McNiftington (boffo) wrote in junkyard_wars,
Nifty McNiftington

Full Metal Challenge

I didn't think tonight's episode was that interesting, but then again, it's the only one for this series that's not a new challenge. Karyn's no Cathy, but I didn't have any objections to her.

Here is a webcast of an interview with Karyn Bryant. I haven't spent the 43 minutes to listen to it.

What I did find interesting was the commercial for the show Full Metal Challenge. It's a show hosted by Cathy Rogers and Henry Rollins, and it looks to be different challenges, such as bowling, soccer, and obstacle courses, all done with ATVs. Could be interesting.

Here is the official site. Apparently they have 30 days to build a vehicle that can make it through a series of secret challenges.
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